- The Apothecary -

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From 17 years of trying products from professional beauty supplies to wellness spas to Parisian pharmacies, I share only the best ones I've discovered with you here.

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Philosophy: Honor Your Body + Choose the Products That Are Best for You

As you may already know, your body has an intuitive resonance + compatibility with certain people, places, experiences, and things. This also applies to the products you use on your skin. Being selective about what you use on a daily basis is, in a way, an act of honoring yourself and your body, and THAT is sexy as hell.

- Honeymoon Hair -

Based on the premise of how you want your hair to be on your big day, Honeymoon Hair is a holistic, plant-based hair growth regimen for having healthy, long hair. You'll learn what helps your hair grow, and receive the product support you need along the way.

- Afterglow (for Skin) -

Inspired by the afterglow of a good workout, and when we're so happy it shows, this skin care regimen was designed to give you your best, glowing skin. You'll receive a list of holistic recommendations to improve your skin's texture, condition, and health, with products that enhance your natural glow, with every use.

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