Sunday Rituals

Ever since I spent the summer of 2012 in Paris, Sundays have been different for me. Most businesses are closed there, and you have to know where to go to unless you want to wander around for the day. Not that there's anything wrong with that! What I enjoyed about this is the inconvenience of doing too much. The most I would do was spend a couple hours in the park, visit a museum for the afternoon, stop into a bookstore, or meet a friend for coffee, and we'd walk the arrondissement(s) of choice. It didn't matter what I did, the distinction was that it was always quality time. Two years later, I realized the happiest I had been was two years ago, and I sought out to change it. I started collecting the habits back that I had lost. After all, I didn't have to be in France to live well. However, visiting often for research will always be a good idea :)

Reprioritizing my life, and infusing more quality time and joy into my everyday routine led me to feeling like myself again. I felt happy again. I felt like I could be present more instead of always thinking about work. So, I made this process my work. I wanted to help others carve out the time to nourish themselves, and build more good things into their daily schedules. Alas, Rituals + Retreats was born.

The rituals arena focuses on daily routines + habits. While the retreats arena is more intensive, like taking a weekend to reset, evaluate, and grow. Together, we unlearn the state of constant stress, and learn to live deeply, play more, and do both more often.

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I'm so excited that you are here to join me on this journey!

Bon dimanche!