Cultivating Confidence

One of my dear friends and long time clients had suggested the concept of Confidence Boot Camp several weeks ago. I liked the idea, but didn't jump on it. I've been focusing on Let Your Body Lead, which has similar elements intertwined, so I simply had CBC in the back of my mind. Then again, this week my friend texts me: Confidence boot camp. I got the message :) Since that message, I began structuring the program, and have been contemplating the essential components. What is confidence? How does one cultivate enduring confidence?

I completely believe that we have moments (and sometimes days or weeks) when our confidence has been shattered. I'm interested in the recovery factor. Sure, life happens, but how quickly do you decide to bounce back? Do you bounce back better, stronger?

When I think about confidence, I think of two things:

  • perceived confidence - appearing physically confident
  • embodied confidence - identifying as a confident person, having a solid inner identity

Can you think of a time when you experienced confidence on both of these levels? Can you recognize them in yourself? What do they look like for you?

A key distinction I'd like to make here is to recognize the difference between perceived confidence and embodied confidence.

Perceived confidence is when someone appears to confident, but they don't truly FEEL confident. This can vary in range, but I immediately think of people at a night club. Someone can project the appearance of confidence, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they ARE. Sometimes it's hard to distinguish, but I've found that more often than not, we are very perceptive, and can pick up on this intuitively. Usually when we notice perceived confidence, we eventually are turned off by it because it feels disingenuous, or that someone is overcompensating, or trying too hard. When someone truly embodies confidence, we can tell that they don't have to try because they simply are.

I'm taking the time to make this distinction because this is what Confidence Boot Camp is all about: going beyond perceived confidence, and identifying with your core confidence.

We're going to spend 4-weeks lighting our fears on fire, and arising from the ashes as the badasses we truly are. Most of our insecurities stem from someone else telling us something about ourselves that at one point we chose (knowingly or not) to take on and believe. With love for others, we can decide whether we allow what they say to have meaning, and whether to allow their words to continue to cause us harm or good.

During our Confidence Boot Camp, we will look at:

  • Your personal elements of confidence
  • What keeps you from experiencing the confidence you desire
  • How to cultivate your core confidence
  • What you need to confidently step into who you are

One of my core values is to love, care, and connect with others, but to first love, care, and connect with oneself. Ultimately, we limit our relationships, and our potential to connect with others if we're not connected with ourselves and who we are. So, this program is an invitation to strengthen our relationship with ourselves, get to the root of our insecurities, and to take responsibility for who we are, and the way we want to be, so our lives mirror the way we truly want to live.

The process of honoring oneself is one of the most magical experiences there is. That's what Confidence Boot Camp is here to create: the on-going experience of honoring yourself, loving yourself more deeply, and reflecting that love to those around you.

If this is something you'd like to participate with, I'm offering 4-week and 8-week options, both of which begin the week of September 21st. I am happy to talk with you to make sure the program is a good fit, so schedule a complimentary meet + greet session, if you'd like, or simply click here to join in!

Here's to cultivating our deepest confidence -

Light + love,