The Beginnings of Someone New

One of the realizations that has helped me after a breakup is that one day I would again feel what it's like to fall for someone new. I don't consider much as absolute, but I do know that we are meant to connect, and that chemistry is hard wired. When we meet someone new, there's a fevered excitement and anticipation. It just shows up, and suddenly you're feeling something that wasn't even on your radar a week ago.

How does someone walk into your life, and impress upon it almost immediately? The magic of that moment is what continues to spur my fascination with how people meet. Though there's something distinct when you meet someone with whom you have romantic intrigue...

Time speeds up and slows down simultaneously (how is that possible?! Ask Einstein). The inside jokes and references begin. A new language develops...and it seems to come so much more easily than Spanish in high school.

And then there's the craving to be close. All the sudden there's this magnetic gravitational pull on you. So fascinating.

Nonetheless, it's irresistible. And frankly, you don't want to fight it. Though you may try.

The part of you that wants to hear their voice, see their face, and smell the scent of their skin takes precedence. A powerful distraction throughout your day. Most likely, a welcomed one.

Did I choose this, or did this choose me?

The moment when two parties choose each other, and say yes (whether knowingly or not) when the real fun starts.

I feel like I know you, yet know little to nothing about you. But I want to know everything. Tell me. More.

Why does one thing you say set me off? Oh, emotional means we've come together to heal them. If we so choose. We can resist, but they'll come up again until we give in.

The beauty is that when we give into the tension and allow for vulnerability...we begin to experience what it's really like to KNOW someone.

It's easier to "love" the idea of someone. It's easier to lust for the person we first met. It's easier to feel that we're worthy of love before they've seen us in moment of feeling broken, unloved, and unworthy. But that's not real.

If we're to get real, we step into the part of ourselves that recognizes that this is going to get messy, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

All this is worth the chance that we can come to know and love each other. That's one of the reasons why the beginnings of meeting someone new feel out of this world. It's nature's way of rooting for you.

All we have to ask is, "Do we dare? Do we dive in? Are we ready for possibly the last new beginning?" If you're like me, when you feel that it's a yes, you have to know.

Part of why love is extraordinary is that it can change things in our lives with a depth of impact that few things can. It a privilege to experience it. The pain makes our joy that much more vibrant. The opportunity to love and be loved is one of the greatest human experiences. When we begin with someone new, never’re embarking on one of the greatest experiences there is. Enjoy every moment. Each one is a gift.