We Hire People Too Easily + Fire Them Too Slow

Earlier today, I saw this post by Matthew Hussey:

Who can relate? Lol

Posted by Matthew Hussey on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It reminded me of this quote I heard from Perry Marshall at Entrepreneurship Magazine's GrowthCon in Long Beach, CA yesterday. 

When he said this, I knew I had to apply it to the dating world: 

We hire people too easily, and fire them too slow!
— Perry Marshall

It immediately made me think about how quickly we can like and fall for  someone, and yet in comparison, we often delay, avoid, or deny ending a relationship that in our heart we know is over.

Life has many layers, and the complexity of our love lives runs deep. What I'll leave you with is this: When getting to know someone new, step into a place of I'm curious who you are. See how they treat you, how they talk about others, what's important to them, and discover the things that make them who they are. 

And if you're "firing too slow," I would invite you to ask, Is this relationship worthy of my future time? Everything up to the present moment has already happened and is accounted for, but each moment beyond it lies opportunity for choice, potential, and possibility.

What potential are you tapping into, and which possibilities are you allowing the room to be actualized?

If you're not sure, take a look what you spend your time doing, the people with whom you spend it, and the thoughts and emotions you experience throughout the day. Then, see if those things match up and align with the part of yourself who knows when things are in alignment, and you feel right and at home with who you really are.

If we're dedicating time to the people who take us away from where we want to be, it's time lost with those who bring us closer to it. Where would you rather spend your time and live your life?

If it's up to me, I choose to stand and honor the extraordinary.