You Bear Witness to Your Life

We bear witness to ourselves and we bear witness to each other. That is an opportunity of a lifetime, and one we have the chance to engage with every day.

Whether we choose to or not, we will bear witness to every moment of our lives. When we are in someone's company and they are in ours, we have agreed to bear witness to each other, and that is a beautiful thing.

My life and relationships shifted in an incredible way the moment I recognized and decided that to show up is to choose to spend my time being present with my given company, and to never take for granted that someone has a thousand ways they could spend their time, and they've chosen to experience it here and now in shared company. This is a gift we give each other everyday, if we so choose to see it as such.

I fully believe that this way of experiencing my relationships has become possible because of how I've spent my time with myself. The curiosity of exploring the facets of who I am has allowed me to see, appreciate, and love the facets of others. If we can be in the presence of ourselves, we become innately better counterparts in our relationships.

So as my mission on this planet is to participate in the paradigm of experiencing extraordinary love in this world, I would say that understanding and embracing that WE bear witness to our lives will radically shift how we experience our daily lives and our relationships.

So, what does this look like? For me, it came in a moment when I decided to let go of the self-conscious part of me that would come up when I was taking a selfie somewhere and felt embarrassed by what others would think. I realized that there would have been significant moments that would go undocumented if I didn't decide to be the one to capture them. This is how I got over taking selfies and not feeling silly for doing so...because it was the moment I realized that it was a simple act of bearing witness to myself and my life.

I wondered why only the moments someone else has documented would be recorded while the moments experienced in our own company should go unrecorded. So, I believe in both. For me, the most important thing is noticing to savor a it with a photo, asking someone to take one, or taking a moment to impress a memory into your heart and mind.

But regardless of whether we choose to document such moments, we are the ones who bear witness to our lives. Our lovers, our families, our friends, our acquaintances, and strangers in the street see and share moments (some much more than others), but we're the only ones who see the whole thing. We are the ones who experience it all.

So why do we so often modify what we want and what we do because of the thought of what others may think? Of course, considering those around us is common compassion and decency, but why do we give so much weight to what so-and-so MAY think, and we often times forget, that we're the ones, and the only ones who fully decide what our life experience will be?

So, as you read this, I offer you an invitation. If you step into fully bearing witness to your life and who you are, every part of you...what do you decide to honor from this place? What would like to be acknowledged? What would like to be experienced? What would like to be forgiven? What would like to be loved? What would like to be let go of? What would like to be imagined? What would like to be shouted from the rooftops? What would like to be whispered from the heart?

What do you see and decide now that allows you to honor these promptings and allow yourself to be YOU?

When we can do this for ourselves, we are better equipped to support each other along the way. Who are the people in your life who do this for you? Do they know? Have you thanked them? Who are those for whom you've loved, supported and bear witness to their lives? Celebrate what has been shared. Be in gratitude for for being able to give and receive this gift.

Remember, it is an honor to bear witness, if we choose to see this life as an opportunity for extraordinary growth. So here's to doing so in strength, in weakness, with resilience, with love—and everything in between...

Embrace the process. Breathe, allow, and enjoy xx

With love,