A Letter to Women 1.9.2018

The way our daughters choose begins with the example of us and the man with whom we co-create a life. The way our sons treat the women in their lives is a reflection of they way they saw their fathers do so.

We are the first example, as is the partner we begin a family with, so choose wisely. Stand strong. It's ok to take time to decide. It's ok to walk away from that which doesn't feel right. It's a choice to surround yourself with people who know what love is.

May we find each other each and every day.

Remember, we choose our destiny. The only mistake is forgetting this power we hold, so may this be a moment of remembering.

All the women who have come before have made it so that we may experience more freedom than ever before. It is a gift we will pay forward. We're creating future generations, and a shift in tide for them begins with us.