Growing up with a Super Intuitive Mother

I've felt compelled to write about the exquisite mother-daughter relationship in more depth for some time now, so consider this a piece of that greater work.

In my group of immediate friends, we have one (or a combination) of the following two things in common:

  1. We are highly intuitive
  2. Our mothers are highly intuitive

I'm writing this article because when someone else receives intuitive information for/about you, and then tells you about it, you're naturally going to process it.

If your mother has been sharing this with you for most of your life, you've probably already developed a way a processing it.

Sometimes, a parent shares selectively, which means they'll share this information every once in a while.

Nonetheless, the receiver has to (at some point) decide to do with it. So, I am here to share experiences so that we can all learn together.

As for my personal experience, my mom is "scary intuitive," which, to me, means that when she has an intuitive prompting, you're like, "F---, everything was going well, and now, there's this thing."

Here's the thing...moms are probably 50/50, so as daughters (or sons) receiving advice, we have to evaluate which 50% something is coming from.

This is a phenomena that I personally, and with friends, have had to navigate, so I feel compelled to share it here.

What do you do when someone you trust is totally right 50% of the time, and then, they are also human, which means you take their advice with a grain of salt?

While I cannot speak for your experience, I can speak for mine, so here I go...

I have been traveling with my mom, when she has a serious intuitive knowing, and I can feel it too, so I'm like, "I'm good. Let's honor that."

I've also been in conversation with my mom when I'm sharing my truth, and mid-share, she says, "What about X?"

Which leads me to when moms are in "fix-it" mode. PLUS intuitive reception.

Honestly, I'm attempting to navigate this now in hopes that a future child benefits, so if you share that state of mind, stay with me.

SO when you've been served, and also confused by the intuitive guidance of your elders, WTF?

It's your turn to decide what to do with it.

1. Follow your own internal wisdom (with grace, because it's either 100% or 50%).

2. Go against it and see how it all plays out. (With grace because it's either 100% or 50%).

The bottom line is:

1. Yes, there are most likely benefits to listening to your mother (wisdom bonus points).


2. You're the only person who gets to fall asleep and wake up as you, so choose accordingly.

If you're wanting to accept and respect your sovereign responsibilities, I invite you to join the upcoming series into Accessing the Akashic Records. It will help you sort out what's yours, what's someone else's. and how it all plays together on a greater field. Check out Upcoming Events to learn more xx