Founder + Stylist + Certified in Mastery of the Transformational Coaching Method,    MLORELLE Int'l

Founder + Stylist + Certified in Mastery of the Transformational Coaching Method, MLORELLE Int'l

Hi, I'm Megan.

I'm here to help you through whatever life places before you, so you can grow, transform, and shine brighter + better than ever

An avid traveler and relationship expert, Megan combines her two greatest passions to help her clients experience the love + life they truly want. Her background in styling, psychology, European Studies, French, and transformational coaching informs the multi-disciplinary approach she brings to her practice.

Through understanding how the culture within a family, community, or country influences an individual's identity, she sees every relationship as a multi-cultural + multi-dimensional encounter.

This is why she helps others as they assess context and create meaning within their lives. A perspective shift can change and create a world of difference.

She believes that each person can cultivate the principles that support fulfilling relationships and successful businesses to create what they feel uniquely called to do in this world.

If one can create integration within themselves and their personal lives, they can truly create anything they want in this life.

The most successful + happy individuals understand how to create relationships with love. This all begins with creating a heartfelt relationship with oneself.

She helps individuals in understanding themselves better, as well as couples to understand each other with empathy and compassion. She believes that it is through creating powerful partnerships that each person’s greatest potential is supported and unleashed. #powercouples

The same principles that create long-lasting, impassioned partnership can also be harnessed to create magic in all areas of life.

She does this through helping others to:

  • discover the world

  • expand their personal paradigms through world travel

  • strengthen their confidence through taking new chances

  • develop their emotional intelligence

  • improve their interpersonal communication

  • lead the life + business they dream of

She believes that sometimes all someone needs is to know it's ok to try, and that taking a risk to try something new doesn't have to be done alone. In fact, many experiences are better with exceptional company.

She sees this work as an honor to shine a light and lead the way, so others unlock their dreams + have their lives reflect who they truly are + what matters most to them.

To see what clients have to say about working with her, read about their experiences here.

Ways to work together include:

  • Booking a series of sessions to assess current personal + life situations, and implement a plan for you to live into your next-level vision for yourself

  • Personal image + style makeover

  • Uplevel your online brand and presence to create more success + impact + influence

  • Dive into relationship experience patterns to uncover your personal superpowers + heal your heart, so you can live your best life yet

Some of her favorite client collaborations are:

  • Helping clients expand their business presence online, so they can fully support themselves and their lifestyle as they do what they love

  • Creatively brainstorming with a client, so they can create an incredible team and business with doTERRA

  • Providing Akashic Records sessions, so clients can connect to their soul-level path + promptings + purpose

  • Guiding clients as they attract + experience the love and relationships of their dreams

  • Teaching clients how to abundantly uplevel

  • Identifying & reconciling limiting beliefs, so clients experience more extraordinary love

To inquire about working together + what possibilities await for you, click the option to schedule a Meet + Greet session below: