Honeymoon Hair Regimen

RF Forticea Regimen.JPG
RF Forticea Regimen.JPG

Honeymoon Hair Regimen


The Honeymoon Hair Regimen was inspired by the goal of growing your hair beautifully (and healthily) long, so it’s exactly what you dream of for your BIG day.

Your regimen options include:

  • COMPLEXE 5 Pre-shampoo essential oil treatment

  • RF 80 or TRIPHASIC A plant-based, scalp serum (a weekly dose of liquid vitamins & minerals, including vitamin B5, biotin, Pfaffia extract, and lemon & sage essential oils)

RECOMMENDED USE Once a week for at least three months (12 months is suggested; avg. hair growth is 6” in length per year)

Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

ADDITIONAL INFO The RF 80 kit is recommended for sudden/temporary thinning hair (due to stress, hormonal changes, fatigue, diet, post-pregnancy, or post-nursing). The TRIPHASIC kit is recommended for progressive hair loss (typically suggested for men).

As with all personal care products, they are best supported with a nutrient-rich alimentation and a healthy lifestyle.

*If you’re interested in a personalized regimen, click here to schedule a consultation. All sessions are offered online via video conference, and you will receive a list of personal recommendations after your session.

Megan was a professional colorist for 7 years, and owned her own holistic hair & skin care studio in Austin, TX. While she’s no longer behind the chair full-time, she still loves helping her clients discover their favorite products that make them feel great, while bring grace and ease to their daily routine.

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