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Put It in Writing is an online series created to guide & support you as you unleash your abilities to manifest naturally & powerfully though a daily journaling practice.

What Makes Put It in Writing Different?

This series combines powerful elements that give you a solid foundation for mastering the art of manifestation.

Journaling creates a personal record, and a blank page to process one’s thoughts, emotions, and ideas.

Manifesting is about tapping into the energetic state where one resonates with their highest self and leads their lives from that space.

Coaching creates accountability & provides structure as you engage with this work.

By integrating these three elements on a daily basis, you can more effortlessly create the life & love you’re here to share in the world.

Throughout the series, participants will:

  • Deepen their journaling practice as as personal ritual

  • Manifest through your writing

  • Receive questions of inquiry to guide the process

  • Gain clarity as a result of asking yourself insightful & poignant questions

  • Establish & benefit from the results of a committed manifestation practice

What’s included

  1. Weekly writing templates with journaling prompts & inquiry questions related to the topic we’re on

  2. An online, monthly manifestation mastermind live with Megan (recording provided for those who are unable to attend live)

  3. Group coaching via monthly Q&A session *private coaching sessions available, upon request

Series rates begin at $333, and include quarterly, semi-annual, annual, and VIP options

Itinerary Preview:

SUNDAYS: A writing template is sent out to prompt your journaling ritual for the week ahead

August 15th — Quantum Manifestation Mastermind: A live session dedicated to the art intention setting & manifestation. We will focus specifically on your current goals & areas of focus

August 29th — Live Q&A with Meg: As you work with the current topic & content, write down any questions that come up for you; we’ll address them here during our monthly Q&A

All online sessions are offered live, and with a recording made available via Crowdcast

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Put It in Writing - Grey.jpg
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