A Few of My Favorite Things // MLORELLE Travel Essentials

Travel Essential: Swell Bottle

Less plastic, more hydration

These stainless steel bottles keep beverages cold for 24 hours + hot for 12 hours! I've found that because we open and close the top throughout the day, it's closer to 8 hours (I've had water stay cool throughout the day), which is impressive in my book!

When traveling, I keep one in my carry-on. It's empty when I arrive at the airport, and then I fill it up after security (remember, no liquids over 100mL are accepted in carry-on luggage). Some airports (SFO) have water refill stations, but at most, I fill up my bottle in the lounge before a flight.

Bottles are 20% right now, so it's worth stocking up!

Travel Essential: TUMI Travel Kit

Source:  tumi.com

Source: tumi.com

With the right things, everything is easier

You'll always find this Monaco Travel Kit in my carry-on. As it can hold toiletries and other travel essentials + can be easily hung in the bathroom or closet, it has quickly become one of my favorite travel accessories.

TUMI is currently having their semi-annual sale, so it's a perfect time to stock up for summer travels!

Travel Essential: Travel-Sized Cosmetics

Bring your favorite things with you

Whether you prefer not to check a bag, or simply want a back up in case your checked luggage goes MIA, having travel-sized versions of your favorite daily products is always a good idea.

If you prefer to shop professional product lines instead of what's available at the local drug store, look no further...

One of the MLORELLE Int'l signature offerings is customized hair + skin care regimens. To personally request one, click the button below: