Tell Me About Transformational Coaching

What's unique about the Transformational Coaching Method is that it is structured to identify the underlying beliefs that construct our perception and experience of the world. As most of you know, I've always been interested about the inner workings of relationships, and as I've gone through my Holistic MBA program, and honed in on what I'm deeply passionate about, I've begun working with individuals who are struggling in their love lives and feel like they keep experiencing similar patterns and experiences despite being in different relationships or dating different people. The reason this is is that beginning in early childhood, we begin learning and accepting our ideas and assessments of ourselves, others, and the world. Twenty to thirty years later, if we don't assess and update our beliefs, we can be 32 operating with the emotional maturity of a 6 year old. TCM allows us to seek out where and how we're operating from an unconscious emotional space, so we can integrate our experiences, resources, and maturity into our underlying belief system and grow in confidence, self-awareness, emotional maturity, and personal authenticity. In my personal experience, by placing this mental, emotional, and spiritual work in the forefront, I have been able to let go of past pain, and underlying beliefs that held me back from being and experiencing the level of love, joy, and awe that I've always envisioned and dreamed of. Six months later, I'm experiencing a deeper level of happiness, personal strength, and soulful connection in my relationships than I ever have before. To be able to guide others through their personal transformation process is an incredibly rewarding work, and the elation I have from seeing others become their confident, loving, extraordinary selves is what makes my heart happy.